16 May 2024

SELF - Imbalance and Intergration.

Excerpt: Why I wrote this book. For greater Success. Author: John T Karagounis.

One of the key elements ensuring we are on the path to success, the most powerful of them all, is the one we overlook far too often: self. It’s the centre of our wellbeing, our health, our state of mind. It encompasses both mental and physical.

8 Ways to improve your work / life balance:

1. Allocate blocks of time with your family...

in your schedule in the same way you do with meetings and work commitments and ensure that you are present in every moment.

2. Allocate time for yourself...

to de-stress and re-charge so you can be at your best with family or work.

3. Stop, Start, Continue.

Identify work tasks that can be delegated to others, automated or omitted altogether. Ask someone close to you (at home or work) what you should stop doing, start doing or continue doing to be a better and more effective you.

4. How can technology help to save your time for other things?

Have stand up meetings or meetings via Skype rather than face to face, order groceries online rather than buying them at the store. Use the time you save effectively (see points one and two).

5. Combine tasks.

Rather than exercise and then go to a meeting, can the meeting be everyone taking a walk in the local area?

6. Set limits.

Set limits with work outside of work so it does not creep into other parts of your life. No work emails or calls when at home. Avoid distractions. Be present.

7. Review.

Review how you spend your time during a week. What areas are being neglected and how can you redress this? Do this ever week to make sure you are doing what is most important to you.

8. Say no.

Everyone has a limited amount of time in their lives to get things done. Realise that there will be times when you wont be able to get through the entire list of what you want to do. Give yourself permission to say ‘No’ to some things without feeling guilty.

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