The Circles

What We Do

The CEO Circle provides confidential and trusted forums for CEOs, business leaders, future leaders, and executive assistants to connect, share, develop and thrive. We are a support network, ideas incubator and professional growth platform all rolled into one.

Our members include leaders from across the spectrum of industries, including CEOs and C-suite executives from multinational and large corporate businesses, family-owned and operated businesses, professional firms, government agencies and non-government organisations.

We help our members achieve greater personal, professional and organisational success by facilitating The Circles in which members can exchange views and ideas, and learn from each other in a supported peer-to-peer environment.

How It Works

The Circles are at the heart of what we do. Each Circle has no more than 15 non-competing members from a diverse range of companies of similar size and standing.

Circles convene throughout the year and are facilitated by an esteemed independent chairperson.

A broad agenda is set for each meeting and is shaped by the chairperson and members of The Circle group.

Groups provide members with access to a vast network of key decision-makers in relevant industries and offer long-term continuity.

Access to hundreds of years of experience that would take a lifetime to amass yourself.

The CEO Circle

The CEO Circle

Members of The CEO Circle have scaled the heights of their profession and are committed to continuously advancing themselves and their organisations. Members include CEOs, managing directors, partners and C-level executives of private enterprises as well as leaders from the public sector and non-governmental organisations. Each Circle is hand-selected for maximum diversity of membership and the ‘right fit’, ensuring no conflicts of interest between members.

The Future Circle

The Future Circle

The Future Circle is an exclusive vibrant network of high performers, hand-picked from a diverse range of organisations across Australia. It is a unique opportunity to be part of a confidential forum where high achievers will connect, share and develop to ensure their greater personal, professional and organisational success. This will be the ultimate opportunity to learn, discuss issues and ideas, challenge and expand their thinking and identify ways to maximise their potential to develop and grow.

The EA Circle

The EA Circle

The EA Circle is a unique forum for Executive Assistants, the ‘secret weapon’ of many leaders and organisations. EAs meet in The EA Circle to share and grow in an atmosphere of complete trust and confidentiality. Alongside professional advancement opportunities, The Circle provides EAs with a supportive forum in which to connect, develop and discover endless possibilities and potential, for their greater success.