26 February 2020

Executive Assistants
Superheroes without capes.

As a direct representative of the executive, the professional EA presents themselves in a way that befits the executive’s standing and the company and employer brand. In behaviour and communications, the EA carries the integrity and reputation of their employer along with them. In an age of social media controversy that can ruin even the most respected brand, the EA carefully guards and provides valuable counsel on such matters. Some could even say that the EA’s brand and social media footprint should be very much aligned to that of their CEO and their organisation.

Similarly, the EA is the eyes and ears of the executive at all times, which often means being alert to potential issues, conflicts, and any new bit of information that may be helpful to the executive or organisation.

Highly attuned EAs are adept at reading the tone of communications and interpreting the emotional and psychological tenor of what is going on around them. They are in a unique position to close the gap between the CEO’s perception and that of other employees by working closely with both the executive suite and the various levels and departments of an organisation. The best EAs can even act as honest brokers in the workplace, mediating between employees while always advocating in the best interests of their CEO and their organisation.

Look deeper and you will find the EA is an organiser, motivator, pulse-taker, and mediator all rolled into one. At The EA Circle, we recognise and value the critical role executive assistants play in the modern workplace. Within our confidential forums, we offer the professional support and guidance that can take you to the next level of your career as an EA and help you grow professionally and personally.

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