The EA Circle

The EA Circle

The Executive Assistant's secret weapon

For your greater success professionally and personally

The modern Executive Assistant is the 'secret weapon' of today's successful CEO or high level executive. Knowledgeable, assured and dedicated, the EA is across all facets of an organisation and knows just what it takes to get things done.

The role has expanded in recent years, with greater demands and higher expectations needing to be met, which comes with plenty of challenges. It is priceless to have somewhere to turn for support, a forum where you can lean on the collective wisdom and knowledge of your accomplished peers.

The EA Circle is a unique forum for EAs to connect, share and grow as individuals and professionals. A place where you can find advice, guidance and encouragement in a friendly and mutually supported environment.

From a wide range of industries across the private and public sector, our members all have one thing in common: they know the ups and downs of EA life.

Membership Benefits

Peer support and guidance. No one knows the pressures and rewards of being an EA better than another EA. The EA Circle provides the peer support and guidance you simply can't get from anywhere else.

A less lonely existence. EAs will undoubtedly feel a degree of isolation at some time during their career. Reliable, sympathetic listeners are hard to find. The EA Circle allows you to discuss openly the issues you confront on a daily basis with others who are in similar environments.

Collective wisdom and knowledge. With diverse backgrounds and experiences, our members share their knowledge and wisdom with one another, enriching each other professionally and personally.

Confidential and trusted forum. The EA Circle is a forum where you can share your thoughts, insights and experiences in trust and confidence.

Ideas and insights. Learn about the latest developments and share practical tips on how you can develop professionally and grow in your career. The EA Circle provides a forum for continual learning and professional growth.

Conflicts of interest minimised. Our EA Circle groups are carefully selected to minimise any potential for commercial conflicts.

Exclusive events. Alongside the regular Circle group meetings, we also offer members the opportunity to attend an array of specially curated events.

Grow your influence. The EA Circle enables you to grow your circles of influence. From the public and private sectors through to NGOs, our members come from all walks of professional life.

Inspirational and empathetic. Our carefully selected Chairs are chosen for their experience and ability to motivate, inspire and lead. They know and understand the role of an EA and provide great support to members.

Regular Circle group meetings. Circle group meetings are at the heart of The EA Circle experience. With 12 members per group, meetings convene six times a year for half-day sessions facilitated by an independent Chairperson.

“The EA role is challenging: no power title, no uniform list of duties and no formal role on the leadership team. Yet we all know powerful EAs bring their own character, observation and experience to shape their role to develop deep relationships of trust and real influence The EA Circle exists to help you become THAT EA.”

EA Circle Group Chair, Sydney

What our EA Circle Members say…

“The EA Circle has been instrumental in supporting me to grow my skills and capabilities, my confidence and my leadership abilities. I feel like I have a trusted sounding board whenever I need it – be it for advice, support or simply just to vent and seek connection, I know my EA Circle group is always there for me and always has my back.”

What our EA Circle Members say…

“The recent COVID-19 outbreak, has once again demonstrated the value of the EA Circle, a network going above and beyond in providing its members with continued exceptional value for money and 1:1 support during challenging times. The world may be changing irrevocably. The EA Circle is the source of solace.”

What our EA Circle Members say…

“The EA Circle provides a really valuable service to EAs as it is a rare and confidential space to discuss challenges, share knowledge and skills, provide constructive benchmarking and incredible collegiate support. Having a Chair who has extensive corporate experience has assisted me by providing frank and honest advice, which is always given with respect and thought. The EA Circle members and the fantastic Chairs have supported my professional growth as they have encouraged me to do more with my role and provided insight that I would never have had without them. I am definitely a better and more confident EA having had the benefit of the EA Circle.”

Step Inside The Circle to Greater Future Success

The EA Circle is a transformational resource for Executive Assistants who aspire to be all they can be. We provide a unique forum in which EAs can share, discover and grow in a supportive and welcoming environment.

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