We are an exclusive, trusted Circle providing a powerful, highly confidential forum for connections and exchanges, helping our members achieve greater personal, professional and organisational success.

Circles within a Circle

The tangent Circles inside The CEO Circle make us a strong entity, and like any great team, our whole is greater than the sum of our parts.

Our members come from multinational and large corporate businesses, large family owned and operated businesses, professional firms, government agencies and non-government organisations. Diversity is what makes us unique and what makes The Circles valuable, insightful and thought-provoking.

Entrepreneurs and the most inspirational of our country’s youth leaders are also members of The Circle which adds to the powerhouse of thought leaders around the table.

How it works

Each Circle has no more than 12 non-competing members from a diverse range of companies of similar size and standing, and convenes six times a year for half-day meetings facilitated by an independent chairperson. A broad agenda is set for each meeting but shaped by the chairperson and members of The Circle group. Groups provide members with access to a vast network of key decision makers in relevant industries and offer long-term continuity.

A Balanced Approach

The supremely driven can struggle to maintain a balance. So in addition to the meetings, there are exclusive dinners, boardroom luncheons and events held throughout the year offering members a chance to unwind and stay connected. It is part of the integrated approach of The Circle, allowing members to address issues in the wider community and also have a little fun in a relaxed environment of their peers.

The CEO Circle

The CEO Circle is unique in that it only accepts individuals at the highest levels of their profession, and only those who are committed to continuously advancing themselves and their organisation. So it is by definition exclusive.

Membership is by invitation only and limited to CEOs, Managing Directors, Partners and business leaders of large enterprises, mainly from private sector with some public sector representation. Each Circle is hand-selected for maximum diversity of membership and for the ‘right fit’, ensuring no conflicts of interest.

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The Future Circle

The Future Circle

The Future Circle is an exclusive vibrant network of high performers, hand-picked from a diverse range of organisations across Australia. It is a unique opportunity to be part of a confidential forum where high achievers will connect, share and develop to ensure their greater personal, professional and organisational success. This will be the ultimate opportunity to learn, discuss issues and ideas, challenge and expand their thinking and identify ways to maximise their potential to develop and grow.

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The EA Circle

One of the best kept secrets of successful leaders is their outstanding Executive Assistants. As well as managing diaries, travel and conferences, today you will also find EA’s managing people, stakeholders, processes and strategy. It is an integral role performed by highly capable individuals, who are often forgotten. This is why we created The EA Circle. A one of a kind forum for Executive Assistants to come together in exclusive groups to share, develop and grow, in an atmosphere of complete trust and unparalleled mutual support.

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