The Future Circle

The Future Circle

For Leaders Who Value Growth

For greater success today and tomorrow

The Future Circle is an exclusive yet welcoming forum for high potential senior leaders dedicated to achieving personal growth, professional development and greater success in all that they do.

With the world facing ever-greater challenges, the leaders of today are being called upon to step up and make a difference, to shape the future in new, positive and sustainable ways.

Immense demands are being placed upon this new generation of leaders, which is why it's even more crucial than ever to have the right support and guidance. To scale new heights, to achieve greater success, you need to be committed to a vision of your better self.

The Future Circle is here to provide that support. We are here for future leaders today and tomorrow.

Membership Benefits

Peer support and guidance. Where can a leader turn for true understanding and advice? Other leaders. The Future Circle provides the kind of peer support and guidance you simply can't get from anywhere else.

Collective wisdom and knowledge. The Future Circle membership cohort is comprised of individuals who excel in their respective fields and are committed to continual improvement. From all kinds of industries and sectors, our members share their knowledge and wisdom to enrich one another. Future Circle members have access to this rich bank of collective wisdom and knowledge.

Confidential and trusted forum. We enforce the strictest rules regarding confidentiality. The Future Circle is a forum in which you can share your thoughts, insights and experiences in the utmost confidence.

Ideas and insights. The freedom to share opinions and discuss ideas is crucial to our development as individuals and leaders. Today's world provides very few opportunities for honest and spirited conversations about important matters. The Future Circle is a forum in which to express ideas and engage with others in constructive dialogue, facilitated by our skilled and experienced Chairs.

Conflicts of interest minimised. We understand the sensitivity of commercial interests and the potential for competing interests to taint the sanctity and goodwill of our Circle groups. To remediate this possibility, we make sure our Circle groups are carefully constituted to minimise any potential for commercial conflicts.

Selective membership. We have well established and sound criteria for membership, ensuring the calibre of our membership cohort is always maintained. We work on the principle of quality, not quantity. Future Circle members are mainly in executive and management level positions.

Exclusive events. Alongside the regular Circle group meetings, we also offer members the opportunity to attend an array of specially curated events. Ranging from breakfast presentations through to webinars and dinners, Circle events are always designed to enrich and uplift. 

Grow your influence. The Future Circle enables you to grow your professional and personal circles of influence. By engaging with peers from diverse industries and all walks of professional life, members are exposed to a truly remarkable range of insights, experiences and opinions.

Our esteemed Chairs. Our independent Chairs are integral to the Circle experience. Experienced, erudite and highly accomplished, they are individuals of the highest calibre and integrity. With a collective leadership experience of centuries between them, our Chairs have faced many challenges and climbed more than a few mountains.

Regular Circle group meetings. Circle group meetings are at the heart of The Future Circle experience. Each Circle has no more than 12 non-competing members from a diverse range of organisations of similar size and standing, convening six times a year for half-day meetings facilitated by an independent chairperson.

“As Group Chair of a Future Circle, I'm privileged and highly motivated by the opportunity to engage with a group of young executives destined for future senior leadership success. Without exception, I conclude each meeting with significantly more knowledge than when we began. I’m confident my Future Circle colleagues share my opinion.”

Future Circle Group Chair, Melbourne

What our Future Circle Members say…

“The Future Circle has been invaluable to my development as a leader. The group has been able to provide real actionable advice from their own unique experiences on complex matters. I don’t hesitate to say that I wouldn’t be the leader that I am today, and I wouldn’t have reached the professional and personal goals I achieved, if it wasn’t for the Future Circle.”

What our Future Circle Members say…

“I've been a member of The Future Circle for over 3 years now and I've never missed a meeting. The relationships, advice, support, trust and guidance is very unique to this environment and I'm so thankful to be part of something that genuinely adds value to my personal and career development.”

What our Future Circle Members say…

“During the uncertainty that 2020 and COVID created, it was great to be part of The Future Circle program. The support, guidance and advice that the group provided was fantastic. To share experiences and get independent advice from other professionals outside of your own company and colleagues is invaluable.”

Step Inside The Circle to Greater Future Success

The Future Circle is a transformational resource for leaders who aspire to be all they can be. We provide a unique forum in which leaders can share, discover and grow. The Future Circle is a place where you can become your better self.

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