The CEO Circle

The CEO Circle

A Community of Leaders

Personal, Professional & Organisational Success

The Circle enables the convergence and exchange of thought leadership from a wide spectrum of industry leaders, pioneers and chairs. It is an exclusive Circle with a wealth of knowledge and real life experiences to inspire, challenge and develop leaders.

For Boards, The Circle is an added layer of accountability through our member community. Meetings are facilitated to create safe environments for leaders to reflect, share insights and perspectives in a confidential surrounding.

Membership Benefits


Membership is limited to recognised business leaders and other senior executives at the top of their field. The CEO Circle is unique in that it only accepts individuals at the highest levels of their profession, and only those who are committed to continuously advancing themselves and their organisation. Non-competitive group allocation and highly confidential surrounds. Each group is hand-selected for the maximum diversity of membership and the right ‘fit’.


Personal sounding board.
Circle members benefit from the experience of others who have 'been there before' and have sound practical experience to offer - without any competitive factors clouding the exchange. Ability to move between groups and attend other CEO Circle meetings.


Access to independent Chairs.
Each Circle meets six times a year for half a day, connecting with one another throughout the year. It is facilitated by an independent chairperson carefully selected to lead, inspire and guide The CEO Circle group.
Exclusive thought leadership.
The CEO Circle exists to facilitate the kind of networking and exchanges of out-of-the-box thinking that can lead to better practices, habits and environments. With a new economic era dominated by change and technology, it has never been more important to knowledge share with peers.

Circle Group Chairs

Our Circle Group Chairs are all senior leaders in business, known for achieving excellence in their fields, who hold numerous directorships and board positions. They possess an intimate knowledge of the challenges facing leaders of industry and are selected to lead The Circles because their incredible experience lends itself to expert guidance and support.

“The Circle depends on us learning from each other and sharing - all the people here have a myriad of things in their kit bag - every person has a significant high achieving career - my goal as Chair is for everyone to leave here from every Circle meeting with new learnings, provided from peers who provide insights and knowledge from a different lens.”

CEO Circle Group Chair, Sydney

What our CEO Circle Members say…

On leadership: “For a relatively limited and highly effective time commitment, The CEO Circle will broaden and strengthen a CEO.”

What our CEO Circle Members say…

On connections and new opportunities: “Excellent networking opportunity.” “Ability to connect with trusted executives.” “Excellent opportunity to collaborate and learn from others experiences around key issues.”

What our CEO Circle Members say…

On learnings: “Building a perspective outside my business - bigger picture, challenge existing paradigm.”

What our CEO Circle Members say…

On issues: “To gain insights through the eyes of practising CEO’s and their collective decades of experience that would take me, a lifetime to amass myself.”

What our CEO Circle Members say…

On the investment: “We get the annual cost back rapidly in value terms through the exchange of thought leadership, sharing ideas, inspiration and relationships.” “It adds significantly to my depth, insight and versatility, strengthening my ability to do the best for the company and its shareholders.”

Step Inside The Circle to Greater Future Success

Offering unparalleled connections, The CEO Circle is an avenue for exchanging valuable insights and ideas; and has fulfilled this essential role for hundreds of senior executives since it began in 1994.

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